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When Contraception Simply Fits - Benefits of Mister Size Condoms

Everybody should be able to completely let themselves go during the most beautiful thing in the world; without any worries, annoying discussions or stupid adverse effects of contraception. This is exactly what our MISTER SIZE condoms have been created for. Along with being hardly noticeable, their individual size and perfect fit give you a natural feeling and ensure optimum safety. As a result, you can both enjoy the advantages together, feel the pleasure and freely indulge yourselves in all the good feelings — sometimes it is really that simple.


His benefits

The search for the perfect match also applies to contraception. If you have been dissatisfied with condoms so far, you probably just haven't found the right condom buddy for you. When equipped with the right Mister Size condom, there is no pinching, no tedious rolling or other unpleasant side effects. You will hardly notice the condom but will certainly notice the intense pure sensations. Furthermore, the secure reliable protection gives you a strong sense of safety, allowing you to relax and fully let yourself go.

Do you want to know more? Our testers have shared their experiences and opinions.

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The couples benefits

Sex is amazing, especially when both take responsibility and you lovingly indulge yourselves in each other. MISTER SIZE offers you this opportunity. MISTER SIZE with its wafer-thin and barely perceptible layer no longer forms a barrier between you, but rather it becomes a unique connection, enabling you both to feel safe and enjoy sex in all its pleasure and intensity.

Are you curious? We got a few couples to test. Here they talk about their experiences.

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Her benefits

Ladies, have you had enough of being solely responsible for contraception? With MISTER SIZE you don't have to feel bad anymore if you decide to stop taking the pill or are using other contraceptives. Your husband, boyfriend or whoever will now always be perfectly equipped with a condom that no longer comes with any downsides.

PS: If you don't know the size of your lover yet, just take one of our Test Packs and the Condom Sizer with you. This will give you an unexpected icebreaker for the beginning of a wonderful love affair.

Would you like to know more from people who have tested MISTER SIZE? They have much to tell.

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Mein Kondom ist Mister Size - Haufen mit Kondomen

My condom is Mister Size

Condom users who have already tried several condoms write to us again and again that they have found their condom in MISTER SIZE. Of course, we are happy about this and therefore we wanted to know exactly and also let others know about their…

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