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TOP 12 Condom in other languages

The summer vacation can come, with our list you are perfectly prepared for every hot flirt even on vacation.

Your vacation can come!

The summer season is as always a popular travel time. The hot temperatures not only bring a good mood, but also contribute to the one or other vacation flirt. So that you don't get tongue-tied at the crucial moment and can think about safety even when it's over 30 degrees in the shade, we've translated the word condom into the top 12 languages for you:

  1. French - préservatif: In the language of love follow you should of course always be prepared for all eventualities, no matter whether it goes inland, to the Mediterranean or to the Atlantic coast on vacation!
  2. Spanish - condón: Whether in the nightlife of Mallorca or on the beach of Barcelona - you should have condoms with you or be able to buy them in Spain when things get hot.
  3. Greek - προφυλακτικό (profylaktikó): To be best prepared for everything on your Greek vacation, you should familiarize yourself with this word. Then nothing will stand in the way of a vacation flirt under the Greek sun!
  4. Croatian - kondom: The Croatian Adriatic is beautiful and the vacation acquaintance is made quickly! So learn the right vocabulary quickly!
  5. Swedish - kondom: The plural is "kondomer". So the vocabulary is not difficult to remember even on vacation in Scandinavia.
  6. Danish - kondom: Things can get hot in the north, too, and the vocabulary isn't that hard to remember either!
  7. Dutch - condoom: In Holland, there are sometimes even special stores that specialize in condoms, the purchase of condoms is now nothing in the way.
  8. Thai - ถุงยาง (T̄hung yāng): Even in tropical climes, safety should always come first; in addition to buying condoms locally, you can of course take your matching cond oms with you while you're at it!
  9. Turkish - prezervatif: A hot adventure on the Bosphorus or the Mediterranean? Your knowledge of foreign languages will not stand in the way!
  10. Hungarian - Óvszer: You can also enjoy your vacation at Lake Balaton. If you run out of condoms, you can buy some more.
  11. Bulgarian - презерватив (prezervativ): The Black Sea is a hot spot! But your safety should not be neglected.
  12. German - Kondom: You are traveling to good old Germany? You can buy condoms in many stores there.

If you want to buy Mister Size condoms in your vacation country, you can find the appropriate stores on the respective country pages. Unfortunately, Mister Size is not always available locally, so if you want to be on the safe side, take a pack of condoms with you on vacation.

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