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Make more of it - with sex fantasies in your personal imagination

Five ideas for a fulfilling love life

Has your sex life mellowed down a bit and it is time for a little boost? Do you feel like trying something new - but don't quite know how? Or do you just want to create some sensual moments alone and enjoy them to the fullest? Then turn on your imagination and let yourself be carried away by your most secret fantasies. Here you will find some exciting ideas and thoughts.

Pissed off at someone or you can't really relax? Off to your imagination ...

The personal imagination is absolutely astonishing - already in everyday life. For example, when your new boss gets you incredibly upset and you imagine pouring your smoothie over her head. Or when the bus driver's tire blows out just as he's about to drive away from you. In our minds, things are allowed to simply run differently for a moment and thus sweeten our day. Whether it's a little revenge fantasy or thoughts of an adventure vacation while we're sitting in a boring lecture.

And our mind is also pretty cool during sex. Because it shows us exactly what really turns us on - much more so than in any porn video. And it helps us get into it better or simply kick it up a notch. If you haven't done it yet, give it a try!

What movies are playing in your head? - The most popular sex fantasies

We can always decide for ourselves what is playing in our mind. So treat yourself to the movies that you enjoy and that do you good. In terms of tingling eroticism, there are a few sex fantasies that are very popular. Feel free to get inspired by them: 

Sex with strangers

Many people like to imagine having sex in public - perhaps even with a mysterious new acquaintance. For example, during a spontaneous encounter on the street in a back alley, while jogging in the park or in the disco toilet. No wonder - after all, there's something excitingly wicked about it, and an unexpected adventure generally sounds pretty exciting. Whether you want that in reality is another question. But as a little film for mental visualisation absolutely recommendable.

An adventure with dominance & devotion

Since "Shades of Grey", dominance and bondage games have also aroused great desire outside the BDSM scene. Imagine how you give yourself completely to your partner and he decides what you have to do. Maybe even completely motionless tied up in a pretty hot position. You decide how far you want to go ...

Sex with stars or "respectable individuals"

Exciting is also the hot love adventure with your favorite star, boss, professor or professoress. Whoever has ever triggered unexpected feelings in you - in your personal imagination you can give free rein to your desire and savor the adventure in your mind. This can even work with the actually hated boss, as the 25-year-old Isa has revealed to Cosmopolitan.

The threesome or group sex

Being taken by several partners at the same time is actually quite a widespread fantasy. Even if most would never try it out for real. But at least the idea of being caressed by several hands and mouths and feeling all the beautiful possibilities during sex at the same time ... kind of hot!

And? Are your fantasies already going through with you? Then let yourself fall and enjoy the show ...

"When the last shackle closes, I suddenly realize: now there is no turning back. I am completely at his mercy. And at the same time there is this cheeky curiosity in me: what will he do to me now? My whole body tingles and I wait in anticipation. It seems like half an eternity. And when his hands finally slide up my thighs, it flows through me like ..."

Do I need to worry if I think about something else during sex? And are my fantasies actually normal?

As with so much in life, of course, there are often concerns about personal headspace: isn't it inconsiderate of my partner if I'm thinking about something else during sex? Or worse, about someone else?

And sure, it may feel weird - maybe even a little like we're cheating on the other person. Until we realize why we use our imagination in the first place: To get us going and block out other silly thoughts. Because surely it's nicer to fully indulge in hot fantasies in your head than to think about the stress at the office or the long overdue tax return during sex. Or what do you think? As long as you love your partner and aren't already thinking about someone else, little adventures in your mind are perfectly fine. In the end, you'll both have better sex as a result.

The same goes for the nature of our fantasies, by the way - no matter how hard or strange they may seem at first. In our mind we can live out everything that we don't want to admit to ourselves in real life. We don't need to have any worries or a guilty conscience. Even fantasies like being raped by a burglar are much more common than most people think. And if you find ideas hot that might seem gross to others? So what! After all, it's your imagination and you determine the program. Without annoying taboos. As long as animals and children are left out, pretty much everything is okay. So indulge in your secret fantasies and don't worry about what others might think about them. They often have their own dirty fantasies that they'd never tell.

"When the lecture is over, everyone gets up and leaves the lecture hall. Suddenly I feel a hand on my chest, forcing me to stop abruptly. "We need to talk." Our professor looks at me with a stern expression and my legs suddenly feel buttery soft. Is this about the essay? I shouldn't have written it so provocatively. But then she says: "I liked what you wrote very much. And made me curious. There's this one more thing I'd like to discuss with you in more detail ..."

And if imagination alone is not enough ...?

Sometimes we do want to go a step further and try out our sex fantasies in real life. It's not that difficult - after all, there are plenty of other people who feel the same way. On dating platforms you can find suitable playmates for your ideas, if you communicate your wishes clearly. Sometimes even completely unexpected at the bar, in the supermarket or just in your own relationship, once it is finally expressed. The only important thing is that you talk things over beforehand. So that it is clear what you want and what the limits are. In the fantasy they can be ignored, but in real life of course always applies: Do not forget condoms.

"With his big hands he grabs me and presses me firmly against the wall. We kiss while I feel for the zipper of his jeans and finally get hold of him. What I then feel pleases me. He pulls up my dress and penetrates me. A moment ago I was afraid that someone might be watching us. Now the thought only turns me on even more ..."

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