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Sex knowledge about condoms

Sex and condoms belong together - find out everything worth knowing and interesting about the topic of sexuality.

Latexhandschuh als Symbol für eine Latexallergie
Sex knowledge about condoms

Latex allergy - What do you need to consider with condoms?

Everything you need to know about latex allergies with condoms: symptoms, alternatives and important tips. Find out how to use contraception safely and avoid allergic reactions.

Schutzschild mit Kondom drauf, smbolisch für den Schutz den Kondome vor Krankheiten und Schwangerschaften bieten
Sex knowledge about condoms

How safe are condoms really?

Discover how reliably condoms protect you from pregnancy & diseases, with tips for correct use. We shed light on safety, use and protect you from the biggest mistakes. Get smart, stay protected!

Kondome in einer Schachtel in Herzform zum Valentinstag
Sex knowledge about condoms

Valentine's Day & Condom Day

Discover the true meaning of Valentine's Day and how the day of the condom unites health and love. A look at tradition, commerce and enlightenment.

Mann mit roter Schleife am Hemd zum Welt-AIDS-Tag
Sex knowledge about condoms

World AIDS Day: The invisible danger of sexually transmitted diseases

To mark World AIDS Day on 1 December, we would therefore like to raise awareness of the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

Ruinien des Palastes von Knossos auf Kreta
Sex knowledge about condoms

How long have condoms been around? - The history of contraception

The historical origins of the condom are as simple as they are ingenious - and condoms have undergone exciting changes over the course of time.

Unterschiedliche Kondome von Mister Size mit unterschiedlichen nominalen Breiten
Sex knowledge about condoms

Nominal width of condoms - what is it?

The nominal width must always be specified for condoms. Find out exactly what the nominal width means and how to calculate the right condom size for you.

Verschiedene Verhütungsmittel: Was ist der Pearl-Index und wie wird er berechnet?
Sex knowledge about condoms

What is the Pearl Index - and why condoms are good!

Safety of condoms: What is the Pearl Index, how is it calculated and what should you be aware of? A compact overview of the most important facts.

Einzelne Mister Size Kondome in einer Schale
Sex knowledge about condoms

Using expired condoms: 23 surprising life hacks

You have old, expired condoms at home? Don't throw them away! In this post, you'll find 23 creative and surprising life hacks on how to use and reuse them.

Eine Banane, die mit einem Maßband umwickelt ist, um das Messen eines kleinen Penisses anzudeuten
Sex knowledge about condoms

Why women and porn stars like small penises

In today's society, big penises are idolised and small penises made a mockery of. But why do many women and even porn stars like small penises, you can find out in this article!

Das erste Mal Sex, das musst du darüber wissen und so musst du dich vorbereiten
Sex knowledge about condoms

Having sex for the first time: Tips & info to make it beautiful

Having sex for the first time can be pretty weird. This article tells you everything you need to know to make your first time as good as possible.

Ein blauer Hintergrund auf dem verschiedene hormonelle und hormonfreie Verhütungsmittel für Frauen liegen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Hormone-free contraception for women, the 10 best methods

Many women want to use hormone-free contraception and find alternatives to the pill. In this article we show you the 10 best hormone-free contraceptives for women.

Hände die ein Kondom als Verhütungsmittel, ein Skalpell für eine Vasektomie und eine Spritze für Vasalgel halten
Sex knowledge about condoms

Contraceptive methods for men: These new & old ones are available

Contraception is important, but what contraceptive methods are there for men? What new contraceptive methods might soon be available? And what are their advantages and disadvantages? Find out in this article!

Symbolbild: Selbstbefriedigung bei Frauen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Masturbation, how to pamper your body properly

The guidebook for women who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest without being dependent on a man.

Internationale Flaggen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Contraception in other countries - condom, pill, etc. worldwide

How does contraception work in other countries? Are condoms and the pill also popular contraceptive methods worldwide?

Thermometer zeigt die aktuelle Temperatur an
Sex knowledge about condoms

Are there temperatures that are dangerous for condoms?

How do condoms tolerate heat and cold? What happens if condoms have been stored too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Find out all the details here.

Mann mit vielen Piercings im Ohr
Sex knowledge about condoms

Intimate piercing and safe sex with condoms - is that possible?

Find out what you need to know in order to be able to use contraception safely and always have the best possible protection.

Paar beim intimen Liebesspiel
Sex knowledge about condoms

How much sex is actually normal?

From daily nookie to sex only once a month - we have the answer!

Mister Size Kondome in verschiedenen Größen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Condoms and condom sizes: ALL your questions answered

EVERYTHING you could ask about condoms and condom sizes is answered in this post. Click now to read more.

7 verschiedene Kondomgrößen von Mister Size an Wäscheleine
Sex knowledge about condoms

Determine the right condom size in 4 simple steps

Using the right condom size is important for good protection. Here you can find out how to determine the right size in 4 easy steps.

Sex knowledge about condoms

10 good reasons for great sex (best here & now)

Sex is great! Even without any reason. But if you still want a little motivational boost, check out our 10 reasons for great sex right now.

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do more of it - with sex fantasies in personal imagination

Do you want more swing in bed or do you want to let your fantasies run free? Then turn on your imagination!

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do people have less sex today?

Studies have shown that young people have less sex today than they used to. Why is that? And what can I do myself to change that?

Sex knowledge about condoms

Good sex does not have to be perfect

Sex is a wonderful thing - if not the most beautiful thing in the world. It gives us a little break from everyday life and we can completely sink into cozy feelings for a few moments. Good sex brings us a little closer to the person with whom we…