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Storing condoms properly - What you need to keep in mind when storing condoms.

Proper storage of condoms has a direct impact on the shelf life and safety of your condoms, so you should know the most important rules for storage. If you are wondering what you can do wrong when storing condoms, the answer is: quite a lot!

Basically it is quite simple, you only have to store condoms in a dark and cool place. However, this already gives you the first clues as to what can go wrong with proper storage. On the one hand, you have to pay attention to the right temperature during storage and on the other hand, it should not be in direct sunlight. Especially extremely high temperatures, but also high pressure or constant friction damage the condom and can make it porous or leave a hole in the condom.

So what should you avoid when storing condoms?

As described above, high temperatures, friction, direct sunlight or high pressure will harm the condom and reduce its shelf life. Also, sharp or pointed objects should never be stored together with condoms. So, you should avoid the following typical storage mistakes:

  • Do not store in a purse - here the condom is exposed to both pressure and often increased friction.
  • No storage in the handbag or in the backpack - also here there is often the danger of increased friction, or of pointed objects which can cause a hole.
  • No storage in the car or glove compartment - especially in midsummer this is a problem, because once the car is in the sun it is often much too hot for condoms.
  • No storage in the direct sun - also here e.g. on the window sill it can become very hot particularly in the summer
  • Be careful in midsummer when the temperature is above 30°C - If you have an apartment under the roof where the temperature is above 30°C for a longer period of time, then you should put the condoms in the refrigerator, but short-term (a few days) slight temperature exceedances are no problem.

Keeping condoms safe at home

The best place to store your condoms at home is usually the nightstand next to your bed. Here the condoms are usually stored in a cool and dark place and are always ready to hand when they are needed. The best place for the condoms is in a drawer of your nightstand, because directly under the bedside lamp, depending on the model, it can get quite hot and dark storage is also not given.

An exception is the above-mentioned high summer, at longer lasting temperatures above 30 ° C, your refrigerator is the better place for storage.

How can you protect condoms on the road?

If you want to have your condoms with you on the road or while traveling, the solution of simply putting them in your purse or throwing them loose in your backpack or handbag, as mentioned above, is not a good idea. Pointy things like pens or even keys and the friction between other items can damage your condoms and then you just don't have a safe condom handy when it matters.

So what can you do to prevent this? - Just get a small sturdy metal or plastic box in which you pack your supply for on the road and your condoms are already well protected on the road, now you just have to make sure that they are not permanently stored too warm in midsummer.

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